Orgone Pyramid Egypt XL - EMF and GPZ free

Orgone Pyramid Egypt XL - EMF and GPZ free


This pyramid contains healing stones that can neutralize electrosmog, geopathogenic zones and also have a strong protective power.


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Size of the base: 6.7" x 6.7" (170 x 170 mm)

Weight: 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg)

Composition of this orgonite:

- silver, brass, aluminium, bronze, black steel, copper

- quartz crystal at one third the height from its base

- harmonizing symbol

- flower of life mandala

- healing stones - amethyst, fluorite, sodalite, amazonite, tourmaline, obsidian, shungite

- high-quality clear resin

Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone with enormous protective power, endowed with highly spiritual vibrations. People attribute various attributes to it, such as the stone of peace and power, the stone of metamorphosis, the dream dragon, or the stone of spirituality. Blocks geopathogenic zones.
Amazonite has an admirable filtering ability. At the body level, it blocks geopathogenic zones, absorbs the radiation of a microwave oven and a mobile phone. It also protects against electromagnetic pollution.
Fluorite is a stone endowed with a strong protective power, especially on a mental level. At the same time, it can stop the effects of psychological manipulation and inappropriate mental influence. The fluorite crystal purifies and stabilizes the aura. It works extremely effectively against the harmful effects of electrosmog and geopathogenic zones. When used in healing, it dispels negative energies and disorders of all kinds. It cleanses, removes and reorganizes everything in the body that is not in absolute order. This is the best performing crystal when it comes to overcoming any discrepancies in the body.
Sodalite cancels electromagnetic pollution and is well placed on a computer to prevent radiation. It will help people who are sensitive to 'sick building syndrome' (a group of symptoms including headaches, dizziness, stomach upset, chest tightness and general exhaustion that are associated with buildings affected by polluted air, poor ventilation or negative energy from the environment), or to electromagnetic smog.
Obidian is a strong protective stone that creates a shield against everything negative. It can be highly effective in blocking geopathogenic zones.
Shungite effectively absorbs electromagnetic radiation, neutralizes pathogenic zones and harmonizes the environment.
Tourmaline purifies and transforms too heavy energy into light vibrations. Protects against mobile phone radiation, electromagnetic smog, mental attacks, spells and hostile thoughts. It can divert negative energies of all kinds from you.
Thanks to its unique spiral crystalline form, the quarz crystal is the most effective healing crystal and the most powerful energy booster on the planet. It is located all over the world. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.

Complete description and instructions on how to use orgonite are on our website.

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