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Nancy 10/02/2017 07:13:12 PM

Hola Sacred Geometry Central, Thank you for all the beautiful work you do! Nancy Joyce

Cheryl 09/17/2017 06:14:05 PM

I just got my pyramid and I wanted to thank you for the lovely shungite pyramid gift. I am so happy you sent the shungite one! Thank you so very much, the pyramids are beautiful and I am very happy!

Ralph Bennie 09/01/2017 05:50:27 PM

Thank you for the lovely specimen of moldovite. I could tell it was genuine by the feeling it gave me. It was worth the wait! thanks R

Phelisha 08/02/2017 12:02:27 AM

I am so pleased!!! My sister secretly got the Metatron ring for me & it's so nice! I love it. I love how smooth it is, the thinness of the ring but still very visible. It's very tasteful. I absolute think it's gorgeous.

Maggie 05/29/2017 05:09:48 PM

First things first, I just got my necklaces and green aventurine! I love them and they really are beautiful! Thank you guys for doing such a great job! Good energy is definitely flowing! Thank you! Sincerely, Maggie

MickyO' 03/19/2017 10:57:57 PM

Hi, just wanted to thank you all for my recent items the larger size Tee's perfect fit, the Zafu meditation cushion absolutely love it great quality plain /subtle but with meaning and of coarse perfect height ! would also like to thank you for the freebie organite semi-sphere. Will recommend your site to friends family etc because of the customer attention and great quality of the goods. Many thanks and kind regards

Gerry 03/08/2017 12:25:34 AM

Hello nice people. I received my order today and live everything in it! The Shungite Healing bags are beautiful! Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day! Gerry, Arden, NC

I recently purchased this bag and just love it! Beautiful design, fabric and art. Great size for shopping and handles are the perfect length to comfortably sit on your shoulder. Love, love, love it! Thank you. Sian

Just arrived – it looks beautiful!

Thank you so much – your service was excellent. I may well be back – you designs are better than most sites I have seen...

Thanks again!


My name is Angela and I live in Davie, Florida USA. In the spring of 2014, I had a vision of the perfect water bottle. It was made of glass, had the flower of life at the bottom and message from Dr Masaru Emoto on them. I could not get them out of my mind, so I created a collection of bottles out of glass bottles I found attractive and lined them up every day by my kitchen window. My love and gratitude went to the water every day as my love for the bottles grew. Today, while researching another invention I had a vision of, I stumbled on to your web page and as I scrolled down the list of your wonderful products, discovered your Glass To-Go Bottles!!!! Thank you for making such a Divine product. You are helping the environment as well as creating awareness to Dr Masaru Emoto's work! What a blessing!

I am very excited to have found you, if I can help spread your work please let me know how I can help.


Angela, Davie, FL


The necklace arrived this past week and is just beautiful!
I will order again.

Thank you

Hi , It's Tuesday. The order has come in and thank you so much we love it!

I've received my Mandela Rose Pendant today .Thank you

and your staff very much, Have a Happy New Year, Mike

I received the sacred geometry pendant in the mail today. It is beautiful. Thank you very much.



I just received the parcel today. It is beautiful. Thank you.


First, thank you so much for the beautiful pillow covers!! ... I will definitely be ordering from your beautiful website again.

Thanks, Leslie

Received my pyramid and 2 charms and I am so happy with
them! Thank you!!


I got this orgone pendant for Christmas from my sister and it's stunning with great energy. Thanks for making something so lovely! ♡ Salud!


Hey it just arrived today :) thank you so much it's beautiful!



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