Secrets of Pyramids

The true origin and purpose of the pyramids

Basic theory of pyramidology is, that inside of a pyramid is accumulating and transforming universal energy called "orgon". Pyramids in their principal shape polarizing physical vacuum on both contradictory energies that is why they can act both as a transmitter or receiver, is a vibrational device which is able to receive, transform, concentrate, direct and emit energy. In an ancient Egypt they were energizing and uplifting vibrations in whole society.

Pyramid contains of a two words "pyro" or fire and "amid" or center. Pyramid is a device with fire in the center. Where center is well known king's chamber. Precisely in this center most of an energy is concentrated from where it spiraling to the top.

Builders of Egyptian pyramids used technique of harmonic resonance. They strictly observe measurements and proportions, which allows connection to the Earth's harmonics vibrations. Using words sacral geometry in a connection with pyramids we mean, that a builders were using same proportions and ratios, which we can find in nature and whole universe namely golden section (phi Φ=1.618033...)

They were also using a principles of resonance and sound to neutralize earth's gravity to be able to move a massive blocks. This effect occurs by tuning sound source to an exact frequency of a material. Pyramids where also connected to cooperative complex.

Egyptian pyramids were build mostly of limestone and crystal. Atoms of crystal vibrate at the same frequency as a planet earth, by this resonance an electric piezoelectric effect is occurring in inner mass of pyramid . Where one form of limestone is used as a isolating material the other form with magnesium is used as a negatively charged coat of an pyramid. It's acting like a massive wire. Granite is slightly radioactive which helps to ionizing air in all passages and caverns. Great Pyramid of Giza has also spiritual connection mostly to Orion and Sirius.

One of the functions of a pyramid is star gate and multiverse vortex. Pyramid as a portal allows people to reconnect with a source unity consciousness field. Energy of a pyramid reacts to operator's thoughts and intentions. It's acting like a huge amplifier for manifestation reality whatever it is healing, communication or interdimensional or astral travelling.

Early stage of pyramidal energy research

Antoine Bovis was neither archaeologist or scientist. On his holiday in Egypt in 1930, when he visited Cheops pyramid he noticed a few dead animals, which time to time got lost inside of a pyramid and starve to death, that these bodies of animals did not decay, they just absolutely dried out. He found more animals which were mummified by this power of a pyramid.

Bovis later experiments with model of a pyramid approved these mummification, water evaporation and antibacterial properties. Bovis work inspired lots of people in their work as well as attract direct followers of his magnificent work including Czech electro-technician Ing. Karel Drbal. He patented his first pyramid to use its power to sharpen a razor blades. Work of Mr. Bovis and Ing. Drbal excited further examination in this field. Also lots of official scientists are impressed by pyramids, but their further examination finished by notation, that pyramids geometrical shape has ability to deform magnetic field.

Forces of dualism on Earth

Two fundamental forces, force of earth and a cosmic force always keeping in balance, harmony and life on planet Earth. If this harmony is distracted we call, that life energy is blocked or disharmonic. And that is causing non-optimal evolution of life, accidents happened, biological bodies are most common to get disease and so on. Pyramid is concentrating both of this forces and allow us to control it. Model or miniature of a proportions of Cheops pyramid is one of the most effective devices which harmonizes energetical fields and cleanse harmful earths energies in our homes. It is proven direct relation between proportions, amount of energy and a outreach.

Natural energies affecting a pyramid

NS flow - magnetic, north + / south -
WE flow - electric, west + / east -
vertically from a top pyramid is bombarded by cosmic positive energy
vertically from a bottom of a pyramid is bombarded by Earths negative energy
If we position pyramid by walls upright to the cardinal points, energy is entering by walls and concentrating in a 1/3 of its height. (kings chamber), from where energy spirals towards a top. It is commonly known phenomenon between pyramidologist "crackling on the tops of pyramids". Sometimes this phenomenon being described as alight lifting in form of spiral. This phenomenon can be captured by special devices.

Antipyramidal effect

This effect relates to ability of emitting (concentrating) pyramidal energy in area below a pyramid. This effect is commonly used in hollow pyramids or by hanging a pyramid to the top of a room. It affects all objects and subjects below pyramid and it's able to dissolve harmful geopathogenic energies and other unnatural forces like signals from mobile phones.

Energy of pyramid

Pyramidal energy of high vibrations calls cosmic is relating to torsion fields. It is favorable for human body and mind and other living beings. This energy is optically breaks, reflect and polarizing similarity to visible light. Pyramids walls attracting energy inside in all directions. This concentrated energy is affecting molecules or crystal structures of matter within a range of pyramid.

Scientists proved that no matter of a proportions, pyramids are amplifying mentioned energies of torsion fields (cosmic energies) and also energies of electromagnetic spectrum. American scientist Dr. Flanagan says, that Cheops pyramid concentrating energies in a very high frequencies and that is based on fact it has five angles. These corner angles of a pyramid concentrates and directing into energy beam where all four meets in the kings chamber.

Pyramidal energy is healthy for human organism as well as environment around and has multifunctional purpose. It strengthens the organism, heals humans and animals diseases, eases a pain of any kind, quickens healing of ambustion. Pyramid is also good for keeping a food fresh and healthy. Great for balancing a water for drinking or watering your vegetable and fruit. Softens taste of coffee, tea and quickens a germination of seeds. Growing never been faster than when you using a pyramidal energy. Strengthens a vitality, defends reproduce bacteria and microorganism which causes a break up of an organic matter. Living cells would not be affected by dehydratation as it still holds an electric charge and that is why plants or bodies would not be affected. Paradoxically if you like to slow down growth of your plants you don't give them any water they will still keeping very well under the pyramid and wouldn't need watering for a long time.

Many people have been personally convinced, that a pyramid is able to recharge our bodies when we are feeling exhausted, heals and tune our biological processes, but also gives us a tool to work with our psyche, consciousness and better connection to a higher frequencies and dimensions of reality. It's only up to us to what extend we are capable of operating these emitters. Many researchers were made in a wide range of branches as for example biochemistry, medical, agriculture, electronics or practical use for every day of life.


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