Energetic Art

Energetic paintings in our offer are made by various techniques (pencil, hot wax, oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and charcoal). Paintings harmonize the environment, provide energy and optimism and help eliminate stress. Ideal location for healing painting is in the office, living room or any other room where you spend most of the day.

We offer paintings made with love. Colors, shapes, lines and complex impression works on human being as a calming and harmonizing influence on a deeper levels of consciousness. They work on a principle of strong energetic emitter and have protective, encouraging, activating properties. Paintings might be activated by angelic or archangelic energy, which enters the paintings throught the artist as a channel. These techniques are called automatic or intuitive drawing.

Paintings helps remove blocks and barriers in energies, clarify and purifies blocks of past and memories. They are intuitively created channels to the source of universal from where it takes energies to harmonize your physical and energetic body.

Drawings tunes eye, caresses the soul, harmonize energy and revive the body's cells. By linking to an image (e.g. blurred vision, meditation, silent observation, by sleeping in Alpha), one can obtain a lot of information to go through the gates of personal growth, to go to other levels of existence. It depends on the personal approach. There doesn't need to be any esoteric experience or skill to achieve this goal. The prerequisite is respect for the higher order of the world and receptive to new knowledge.

In a present time paintings extremely helps with retuning energies into higher levels of consciousness.. They can handle all kinds of negative feelings as a panic, complicated events in family life and other social relationships. Painting can be helpful for finding a souls homework in this life and so on.

Paintings are affecting very positively not only health and mind balance of a human being. But they can also be used as a decoration into frequently used rooms and halls where they can positively affect even in short period of time, when person is passing by. They feel much more relaxed after passing through this energetically treated area. This technique might be used in a conference room, where it tunes people into relaxed mind stimulating environment, which is necessary for any business meeting.

For decorative purposes are suitable technique such as oil or acrylic. The most important thing when choosing your own painting is always intuitive feeling. When you picked up a right painting for you, you will feel satisfied with it, it will charge you anytime you look at it or think about it, it will bring you and people around you abundance of love, health, happiness and harmony. If you combine more of a Feng Shui techniques together, effect will be recognized after just a few weeks.

We should not judge these paintings by their artistic value, but rather allow them to have effect there, where it's necessary. In this condition they are most effective. In case of somebody's artistic valuation of painting a dysfunction may occur as he or she can distract a delicate healing, angelic setting of energy by low frequency of her/his thought.

Our intention is that paintings should change environment towards higher harmony and balance, where you will feel healthy, happy, gratified and fulfill in all of your life directions.


These ''mandalas'' surrounds humanity from time immemorial, their appearance throughout all times and places on this planet marking their significance to humanity. Mandala is word came from old Hindu language sanskrt. It means circle or magic bend. To our western world this was brought by C.G. Jung. As he was connecting eastern philosophy with western psychology. The very meaning of word mandala is circle picture with a center, from where or into where symmetric geometry shapes are formed. Mandala however doesn't have to be circular shaped, how Hindu jantras shows, circle in a square (connection between divine and earthly)

Mandala is a flower, clock face, Indian dream catcher, rose cut window of a gothic church, Egyptian pyramid, circular table inlaid with gems, meditative painting of a Buddhist monk, healing send pictures of Indians, drops making circles on the water surface, decorated plates, circular Celt ritual places, rotund. Many ancient civilizations knew about power hidden within a center of a mandala and they could use it.

The mandala you might be interested in purely aesthetic reasons, but also because of its healing powers. Mandala can be used as an aid to relaxation or meditation, but also as a guide to learning about other cultures, their gods and philosophical systems. Mandala can be a tool for psychotherapy with elements of art therapy, but also for self-discovery . You may encounter using mandalas as an aid to the treatment of physical, psychological and psychosomatic problems and diseases. Equally common is the use of the mandala as an intermediary to make contact with angels or other subtle beings.

Whatever decision you make about how and where to use this magnificent paintings, they will definitely enrich your life and all around.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a complex field of ​​knowledge examining patterns of energy flow in the environment in accordance with the forces of the universe. It is a science and art, science of the environment and man himself and philosophy of life. FENG SHUI means wind and water. They are two basic and powerful elements that together affect our environment on Earth. Origin and patterns of interaction of these forces created by linking the action of cosmic and terrestrial forces.

The basic principle of Feng Shui is meandering and circling movement of energy in space. The same is the movement of wind and water in nature in their life-form. Excessive acceleration or deceleration energy results in destruction and extinction. Feng Shui teaches rules, measures and remedies to avoid such a situation. If the energy circulates in your area smoothly and harmoniously, your life will reflect in the same way.

The oldest source from which the entire Taoist cosmology evolved, including Feng Shui, traditional Chinese medicine and indigenous martial arts (art work with energy in the human body), is the I Ching or Book of Changes that describes the formation and development of the world and all natural other dialectical relations by cooperating positive and negative energy. Quantum physics now faces a former knowledge in awe.

Original Chinese GEOMAN searched the dragon vein (earth energy currents), and underground streams. According to the distribution of these natural streams then set the position and orientation of established cities and palaces. The principles of Feng Shui and sacred geometry have been widely used in the construction of the Middle Ages and the modern architecture of the Western world.

The harmonization of Feng Shui is based on knowledge of mathematics, geometry, climatology, medicine, astronomy, geophysics, geomancy. The same system of sacred geometry is used in Egypt and in the West, and art in India Vastu.

The principles of Feng Shui can be applied to any environment on Earth, from family houses, apartment buildings, housing, public spaces and institutions, office complexes, to commercial and manufacturing facilities. Design by relationship Feng Shui ensures harmony function, appearance and promote a healthy environment. Feng Shui as well as nature works with all shapes and colors of a certain system of relations..

Design elements are in their shape, color and material to serve as the correction Feng Shui tools for balancing the potential energy disharmony.

Construction or interior according to the principles of Feng Shui does not have to be only in the spirit of Eastern motifs, the color orange, and bamboo wind chimes. Conversely, can act very differently, simple, elegant and modern. How to recognize a good Feng Shui? Almost immediately from the fact that in the space feel comfortable and relaxed. In the long term Feng Shui promotes health and vitality as well as the prosperity of the inhabitants of the area.