Orgone Pyramid Kepler M - Chakra extra

Orgone Pyramid Kepler M - Chakra extra

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Space and body cleansing, protection, love, reassurance, courage, empowerment, motivation, space and body harmonization at all levels… and other benefits. Simply all in one!


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Size of the base: 3.54" x 3.54" (90 x 90 mm)

Height: 3.94" (100 mm)

Weight: 12 oz (330 g)

Composition of this orgonite:

- silver, bronze, brass, black steel, copper

- harmonizing mandala

- healing stones - amethyst, lapis lazuli, chalcedony, jade, calcite, carnelian, jasper

- quartz crystal - at one third the height from its base

- high-quality clear resin

The healing stones contained in this pyramide purify space and body, have vibes of protection, love, reassurance, courage, empowerment, motivation, space and body harmonization at all levels... and other benefits. Simply all in one! Judge for yourself:

Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone with enormous protective power, endowed with highly spiritual vibrations. People attribute various attributes to it, such as the stone of peace and power, the stone of metamorphosis, the dream dragon, or the stone of spirituality. It blocks geopathogenic zones and negative energies flowing through the environment around us. His balance contributes to the attainment of expanded states of consciousness and aids in meditation.
Lapis lazuli opens the third eye and maintains the balance of the neck chakra. It helps to achieve a state of enlightenment, facilitates the evocation and interpretation of dreams, and increases mental abilities. This stone quickly removes stress and brings a feeling of deep peace and tranquility. It adds exceptional balance and is the key to achieving spiritual knowledge. Lazurite is a protective stone that allows you to make contact with spiritual guides. It can detect the threat of a mental attack, stop it and return the attacking energy back to its source. It teaches the power of the spoken word and can reverse misfortunes or correct imbalances caused by silence in the past. Lazurite brings the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes into a state of harmony. The discrepancy between them can lead to depression, imbalance and loss of meaning in life. The bound harmony brings a feeling of deep inner self-knowledge. Lazurit encourages them to take responsibility for their own lives.
Chalcedony is a stone that gives strength to interpersonal relationships, sells a sense of brotherhood and goodwill. The crystal absorbs negative energy, which it then dissipates to prevent it from being transmitted further.
Chalcedony brings mind, body and spirit into harmony. It evokes a desire to be kind and generous. Chalcedon banishes hostility from his soul and turns melancholy into joy. Mentally, it helps its owner to stop doubting himself and leads him to achieve the ability of inner reflection. Under his influence, our surroundings open up and we become beings overflowing with enthusiasm. Chalcedony absorbs and dispels negative thoughts and feelings and banishes bad dreams.
It is a crystal that supports creative abilities. It opens the mind to being able to accept new stimuli and helps its wearer to cope with new situations. Chalcedony embodies mental adaptability and eloquence. It increases the ability to listen to others and communicate with them. It supports the ability to learn new languages ​​and improves memory. Blue chalcedony improves mood and allows you to look to the future with optimism.
Jade is a symbol of purity and balance. Jadeite is associated with the heart chakra and increases the love and quality of caring for the family. It is a protective stone that keeps its wearer out of danger and brings harmony to his life. Jade attracts happiness and friendship. In the mental life, it stabilizes the personality and brings the soul into harmony with the body. It brings self-sufficiency. It can reveal negative thoughts hidden in the depths of the soul and calms the mind. It encourages the birth of new ideas and can present individual tasks as easier.
Calcite is an effective amplifier and purifier of energy. In order to dissipate negative energy from the environment and at the same time increase your own, it is enough to have calcite in the room. It removes idle energy from the body. Calcite is an active crystal that accelerates development and growth. It is a spiritual stone that provides a connection with higher consciousness. It facilitates access to higher wisdom and the development of parapsychological skills, including clairvoyance and travel outside the body. It accelerates spiritual development and allows the soul to remember the experiences of the astral paths even after returning to the material body. At the mental level, calcite combines emotion with reason - it creates emotional intelligence. Calcite has a positive effect - especially in cases where we lose hope or motivation. It helps fight laziness and supplies energy at all levels of personality.
Carnelian will ground you and anchor you in today's reality. It is a stabilizing stone with high energy. It perfectly restores vitality, motivation and effectively stimulates creative abilities. Suitable for dramatic situations. He can clean other stones. Psychologically, the carnelian lends itself the ability to cope with the course of the life cycle and dispels the fear of death. It gives courage, brings a positive outlook on life, disperses apathy and motivates to succeed in business and in other areas. Carnelian is useful for overcoming addictions of various kinds. This stone will help you gain faith in yourself as well as in what you perceive around you. It helps to get to the very roots of what makes your life uncomfortable and gives you the strength to persevere.
Jasper is famous as the "best breadwinner" or mother of all stones. It offers support, brings peace and awareness of the whole. Used in healing, it unifies all aspects of life. Jasper reminds people to help each other. It balances the chakras and can be used to set them correctly. In the mental life, jasper brings to its wearer the determination to fulfill all intentions. It gives him the courage to penetrate sharply to the root of the problem. At the same time, it encourages honest behavior towards oneself

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