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05 September 2018

how we began with orgonites

Dear friends,
as promised, we are starting with a few words about us today.
Already in my early years I felt an attraction to (lets say) spiritual way of life (I wanted to become a priest). I grew up in a strong catholic comunity, but as I turned 18, I went to „big town" Bratislava (capital of Slovakia) to study at the University of Economics. That time I also started to learn about hinduism, buddhism, and opened myself to alternative ways of living (non consumers life).
I found out about orgonites about ten years ago and since the very beginning I liked them...and wanted to get some. I found a shop in town and bought me a pendant. But I was not suttisfied with its quality, so I decided to make one myself. I needed some gemstones and I fell in love with them. Making orgonites became my hobby. I realized that orgonites allow me to combine the power of gems, metals and shapes! That was exciting, because I didnt find these possibilities elsewhere.
I had a source for metals because I was working for steeltrading company and my customers supplied me. The gemstones and resin? No problem to buy.But the molds?! That was the question.The molds that I could by from IKEA or internet did not sutisfy my ideas anymore...I wanted something else, something special or maybe better said, I did not want the molds to limit me very much! Well, the answer was waiting for me at home . My father was working in the shoe making company, where he was responsible for...making shoe molds! (Amazing thing about this all is, that I found support for this hobby of mine everywhere: my parents, clients, girfriend Lucy (now already my wife and mother of my sons )...A few months later, we were able to create our own molds.
It was a time for us to develop our hobby...and we did. Since all our frieds were gifted with our orgonites and we wanted to go on with this, we created an eshop so we could go on...With no big pressure (I was working as a business manager and Lucy was a student), as years were passing by, we were working on our self development (consciousness) and also our producing skills were improving.
Then came a time, when I was tired of creating and working on projects, which were succesfull but then canceled because of a new strategy in the transnational corporations I worked for. I realized that maybe I am a good businessmanager, but there are thousands of them and I am a good orgonite producer and the world might need me more as an orgonite producer than a business manager. We decided to take a risk and focus only on our own project – our orgonites...and we have never felt sorry fot that decision...eventhough there were times, when we had no money reserve...
The main thing we have had on our mind is to keep doing it with love, to do the best we can and improve ourselves..
Our path brought us here and we are happy to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our products to You 
Thanks for Your time...
Daniel + Lucy / HANDMADE with LOVE

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