Basic Shapes

There are several basic units of sacred geometry. They are characterized by a high degree of symmetry in which these units successively derive one from the other and form a more complex formula. The basic features are:

    • Point, Oneness, God in its essence, the beginning of creation, the primordial spirit or simply consciousness. The initial point, Unity is able to step out of itself and by multiplying it's appearance creates a straight line, the masculine form. Thus God the Father manifested itself. His active will reflects as a opposite and create God-mother, infinite substance lurking within her answer. The following is a God-son who returns with accumulated knowledge. Thus the Egyptians understood the trinity as simultaneous equilateral process in which information is first sent, received and then eventually internalized. Therefore, it is an equilateral triangle base tetrahedron, the first pure masculine forms of all creation. This process multiplies itself in space and time, forward and backward, up and down, right and left. So God creates a virtual space relative to itself.


    • Circle, monad, sphere, No. 1, the first manifestation of God, consciousness expansion in all directions in space, projected into space. Turn the volume around the starting point creates a feminine principle, sphere, passive space without all the stress points oriented to the center, the eye of Horus. The realm of the placenta, which contains all the essence of all shapes and volumes, expression of unity, completeness and integrity. None of the points on the surface is more important than the other and all are equally distant from the center of power, which is all created. Atoms, cells, seeds, planets and the sun come into the unity of form and potentialities. The sphere has within himself the five Platonic solids, the union of male and female energy, direct and curved lines, two geometric matrix, which are the basis for all real.


    • Vesica piscis, duality, polarity, the first movement of God, the originator of letters and numbers. It is a pair of intersecting circle centered symmetrically on each other and their constituencies. On the border has created awareness of space was created second circle, and between them there is called Vesica Piscis, the womb of the universe, the lens through which reality is projected. "Let there be light", there is a world of duality and polarity. Holds two equilateral triangles, which are combined in a rectangle, which is the basis of the golden section. From this basic geometry are derived all mathematical operations, and significant numbers like  phi. It also symbolizes the connection glance, understanding among peers, a common ground.


    • Triad or holy trinity, the unification of opposites, triangle, Stage.

    • Tetrad, triangle sires tetrahedron, triangle in space, defines the third dimension and space

    • Pentad symbol of perfection and life, contains a five-pointed star, which can draw a single stroke, pentagram. The geometry of the pentagram is also fractally repeating into himself at all scales, which expresses more of the reality principle, infinity fractal.

    • Seed of life, the germ of life, the seven circles whose centers are the intersections of the previous circle, symbolizing the seven days of creation, seven notes in octave, seven colors, seven layers of the heart muscle, seven chakras, the seven endocrine glands, etc.

    • Tree of Life. It is contained in the seeds of life, this diagram showing the operation of the universe as well as part of the teaching of Kabala.

    • Egg of life - seed contains 7 circles form in space Egg of life, reminding the embryo at the stage of division into eight cells. By connecting the centers of these circles come projection cube, one of the Platonic solids.

    • Flower of Life. Expansion of creation takes another whirl, another layer of circles. Sacred Flower of Life symbol is one of the oldest graphic symbols displayed in all cultures around the world, in religion or in architecture. It contains seven circles  touching each other and is bounded by a double circle, a further extension of this pattern was previously kept secret. Flower of Life shows the basic repeating pattern of creation of the universe and its basic structural unit. With the flower of life priests of Horus eye were explaining  whole creation. Who God is, and how it's consciousness is reflecting its mind into people's life.


    • Fruit / Fruit of life. Expansion of another series of circles formed symbol from which to criticize the formula 13 full circles. In it can be found already well on the geometry of the entire universe with all its relationships, patterns, relationships and connections. Projecting the fruit of life in space we get 64 tetrahedral geometry, absolute balance of force vectors - the basic building block of the universe.

    • Metatron's cube. The curves are associated with the female principle, lines with masculine (Jin - Jang). The combination of male and female creates by interconnecting all the 13 centers of the circles so called Metatron's cube, one of the most important informational systems in the universe.

    • Mer-Ka-Ba. Two tetrahedrons in Metatron's cube rotated against each other form a shape called a star tetrahedron (the planar display the Star of David). The energy field in the shape of the star tetrahedron is around all living beings, also around the planets and other celestial bodies. The tetrahedron is rotated tip up the masculine, solar and one that is rotated pointing to the ground, is feminine, earth. This energy field can be activated using a special meditation, rev. Merkaba also called spiritual light body (light vehicle of soul Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, Ba = Body).


    • Platonic solids. Highlighting certain lines in Metatron's cube displays all five Platonic solids: tetrahedron, hexahedron (cube), octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. These are bodies whose all sides, angles, and surfaces of the walls are the same and their tops touching the surface of a sphere. They are based on the geometry of atoms, crystals or organisms, such as viruses, etc. They are also associated with different elements: tetrahedron - fire, hexahedron - earth, octahedron - air, icosahedron - water. dodecahedron - ether, prana, being. Many crystals with high symmetry of the crystal lattice takes forms Platonic solids. Also symmetrical molecules often have the shape of these bodies.

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