Magnetic Therapy Jewelry

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10 April 2017

In recent years, the use of magnetic therapy has increased dramatically. Many sports medicine and physical therapists, neurologists, chiropractors, and doctors are recommending magnetic therapy to their clients. Business people, athletes, young and old with debilitating problems, and others concerned with whole health are now using magnetics as part of their daily lives. It has been used on both the family pet and the award winning racehorse alike. People (and pets) from all walks of life use magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Therapy Jewelry

Each internal organ in the human body produces a magnetic field. The magnetic fields have a different intensity and it varies at different times depending on the nature of our actions. If an organ in the body is damaged or its function is influenced by adverse factors, it significantly disrupts the magnetic field. It is proven that there is a direct correlation between sudden changes in geomagnetic activity caused by the Earth magnetic storms and heart attacks, anxiety and other health problems.

The influence of solar flares is causing significant disruption of the Earth's magnetism, which leads to a distortion of the magnetic potential of all living beings on Earth. Permanent magnet harmonizes and balances the magnetic fields of individual organs in the body. All fluids are influenced by the effects of magnets.

Magnets have a major impact on human blood. Magnets cause increased blood oxygenation and thus improve the nutrition of cells in the body, which supports the body's organs and harmonizes the activities of the various tissues of the human body. Magnets have a significant impact on red blood cells because they contain approximately 4% iron. The action of the magnets leads to a significant reduction in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, which shows the ability of the magnets to positively affect the infection. Magnets help with dissolution of contaminations in the blood vessels and tissues. It leads to a positive effect on the blood pressure.

Magnets also have positive affect on atherosclerosis and contributes to the treatment of arthritis. Magnets also purify the body from unwanted salt - it helps resolve kidney and urinary stones. It demonstrates beneficial effect of magnetism on reduction of blood cholesterol and decreases blood pressure. Lower blood pressure can be recorded after 15 minutes after magnet is applied.