How To Maintain An Orgonite?

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05 September 2017

We recommend that, as with healing stones, put orgonite at least 5-10 minutes (the longer, the better) under running water to cleared and rid of negative energy

How To Maintain An Orgonite?

Orgonite has its capacity, and if it is in very energetically contaminated areas, such as strong geopathic zone, a space for a TV or many electrical and electronic equipment, etc., the capacity may be exhausted. We therefore recommend that, as with healing stones, put orgonite at least 5-10 minutes (the longer, the better) under running water to cleared and rid of negative energy. This procedure you can do for yourself, such as when showering. The colder the water, the larger the magnetism = able to better tie in other energy - in this case, our negative energy from the orgonite. When the weather is sunny, expose the orgonite in the sun, where it will charge. It may not be in direct sunlight, with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may fade transparent orgonite healing stones such as amethyst, rose quartz and citrine. It will not affect a quality of function of orgonite. Just as the sun works for charging works same with moon and stars on a clear night. Ideally, Orgonite take somewhere where there are lots of positive energy, such as in nature. The more you do, the better avoid the risk that your orgonite will be broken for some time.

The best way to clean orgonite is mental purification. Proceed as follows: take Orgonite in the palm of one hand and put his other hand over orgonite. Humbly Ask "higher world" (God, angels, fairies ...) to purify orgonite from all the negative black energy, which is in itself. You can use for this purpose such as the following sentence: "All the negative energy from the orgonite enter the light!" If you have developed clairvoyant abilities, you might see how the orgonite evaporates haze or smoke of negative energy and you will feel a tingling in your hands over orgonite. If not, does not matter, important is your belief, intention and the intention is to purify Orgonite! The length of cleaning depends on the size and congestion of orgonite, orgonite negative energy typically takes few minutes to transform.

After cleaning, you can charge the orgonite by "your" energy. Ask "higher world" that you put into orgonite energy as you personally need. When charging orgonite, clamp your hand over fist so that the thumb under the fingers clenched. Charging orgonite energy will take place every few seconds when breath out. This procedure can also be used for cleaning and charging healing stones.

From my own experience I dare say that orgonite is a living creature and as all living things needs to feel love. We ourselves sometimes feel as orgonite us asking us to take them in hand and played with them. The more love and attention you give to them, the better they will serve. Sensitive individuals may experience, mainly from a beginning, tickle energy flowing into your hand as you would smooth a silk.

We wish you heartily to achieve exact effects you are expecting from your orgonites.

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