Sign of the zodiac: Amethyst has special affinities with Aquarius, Pices, and Aries. It is recommended for dancers, gardeners and professors. Its Energy is Receptive, Planets are Jupiter and Neptune, and its Element is Water.

Chakra: Sahasrata - 7th Chakra - Crown Chakra

Amethyst has a Trigonal crystal system and is in the mineral class of oxides, the quartz group. It belongs to the group of crystal quartz that form large, visible crystals. It's beautiful color comes from the traces of iron that are lodged between the layers of its structure. Amethyst is formed hydrothermally, mainly in hollows that have been formed by gas bubbles in volcanic rock. It is also formed more rarely in rock clefts and rocks with channels running through them. A hollow that is lined on the inside with Amethyst crystals is called an Amethyst Druse (which is large) or an Amethyst geode (which is small).

Amethyst encourages spiritual wakefulness. It holds a sense of justice and provokes honesty. Used in meditation it helps to quiet the mind and is an aid to finding inner peace and discovering our own wisdom inside. Amethyst encourages sobriety (clear thinking) and awareness. It assists in facing up to all experiences, good or bad, and encourages dealing with our perceptions. In gaining this higher perspective, we can overcome blocks, uncontrolled thoughts and addictive behavior.

Amethyst will help you in dealing with sadness or grief and support you in coming to terms with loss. It clarifies your inner world of images and dreams. Amethyst stabilizes the connection of soul and body and spiritual with physical levels. Manifests spiritual awareness in daily life and spirituality as a way of living. Aids in your understanding the wheel of life, death and rebirth of self as part of the universe and universal whole. Aids alcohol and drug recovery, alleviates headaches, relieves stress and gives inner peace. Worn while awake, Amethyst stimulates inspiration and intuition.

Amethyst helps rid pain or tension and is especially helpful with tension headaches. It also helps with illnesses that arise from nervous complaints, the lungs and respiratory tract, skin blemishes and intestinal complaints. Amethyst is best worn as some type of pendant next to the body or used as a large crystal or an orgonite with Amethyst crystals.

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